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    Once again, in the national limelight with a chance to really make a statement, USC Basketball lays an egg. This is really unfortunate. Neither Mobley played well, particularly Isaiah, and the guard play leaves much to be desired. The player rotation is interesting to say the least. They played soft , did not put E Mobley down low where he belongs on offense, and they did not look well coached tonight. They might want to give Reese Waters a serious look because they need help at guard. MJDavidson

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    Michael, E.Mobley wanted no part of Battey down low. He was "forced" out to play most of the game at least ten feet away from the basket. We have faced two physical defensive teams and had trouble scoring and lost to both of them. The Mobleys just payed atrocious tonight. Together they shot 9-21,they totaled a whopping 12 rebounds and had NINE turnovers. Just think that our guards only had three turnovers and the Mobleys had nine.
    We have a tall team but not thick or physical. Against good teams we need our best players playing at a high level and the Mobleys just didn't play at nearly that level tonight.
    This team is going to have problems against top point guards just as they had last season. Don't forget when the Marquette guard lit us up for about 50 points.


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      I was not surprised by the outcome either. Lacking practice time will tend to produce an incoherent offensive performance against a well coached team. This was a game where the Trojans missed Ethan Anderson pushing the ball quickly up court on offense before Colorado could set up their defense. He probably would've fared better against Wright than Peterson or Max on the defensive side too. But ultimately, for this team to make a big move forward in the conference, Evan needs to get ten times the offensive touches in the paint over his older brother - No disrespect intended toward Isiah - rather intended as a strong suggestion for the coaching staff.


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        HuYu, good post. We had no answer for Wright and max has as good a chance of being effective against Wright as both you and I. You are right about Evan but Evan needs to fight to get down low and not get pushed out to 15 feet away from the basket..