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    Coach Enfield

    "Well we are extremely excited. It was our first lead of the entire night. UCLA played terrific basketball, but we really battled and gave ourself a chance. We were very proud of our guys playing so hard, whether we won our lost. We didn't shoot the ball great but we played hard and gave ourselves a chance.

    On that last crazy play
    "We go over that play in practice and tell our players to have a mad scramble, get it to Tajh in the corner and let it fly. We call it "Hail Trojan" instead of "Hail Mary."

    On the locker room after
    "Everybody was hugging each other and celebrating. It's a tough place to play, Pauley Pavilion. It's UCLA's first loss in Pauley this year."

    "It was really like a pickup game where you give the ball to really good offensive players and they make shot after shot. Their players made a lot of great shots today. Give them credit, they're a terrific basketball team.

    "We knew if we had any chance to win, but we had to get some stops. We missed our share of free throws. Every point matters and we were fortunate they missed their front end and that we had a chance to win the game at the end."

    On Chavez Goodwin
    "He was our MVP tonight. Obviously, Tajh made the big shot and Evan had a good all around game. Chevez came in and gave us energy when we needed it, gave us crucial offensive rebounds. The energy and rebounding and toughness he brings was key. He just played a great game today."

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    Love MNH that you do this after every game! We all soaking this in! ✌️


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      Love to see CAE recognize Chevez like that. Totally agree.


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        Hail Eaddy!!!


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          I love you <3


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            Short interview tonight, sorry there's not more.


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              Go Beavs!!!!


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                Some great postgame quotes from others in Sleuth's twitter on the side bar. Best of all: CRONIN complaining about the refs LOLOL


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                  Cronin's Post-Game:

                  POSTGAME QUOTES
                  USC 64, UCLA 63
                  March 6, 2021

                  Mick Cronin, The Michael Price Family UCLA Men’s Head Basketball Coach
                  on what he told team in locker room after game
                  “I told the guys about our egregious defensive breakdowns and some of the ridiculous shots we took. It’s not about one play. It’s about the totality of the game. We’ve got to keep teaching and coaching. We had some, in the second half, we had three or four offensive trips that were just awful, that resulted in layups at the other end. And we don’t get any of those. And every game, we give a team a wide open 3 and three layups in transition. We keep giving up nine to nothing in transition and it’s hard to win. That’s why the free throws mattered. That’s why the game was close at the end. And those are the things that you can control that should have not happened. Those are the things I talk about.”

                  on UCLA’s performance in the first half and the defensive effort
                  “I never talk about the first half. Losers talk about ‘We were winning at halftime.’ The most irrelevant stat in the history of sports is the halftime score. It has absolutely no bearing on anything.”

                  on if UCLA’s can build off three tough losses
                  “We’ll see. That would be the hope. But at some point, though, you can’t keep repeating some of the same mistakes with some of the turnovers and breakdowns we are having. They shot 52% percent after the break – 40 percent from 3, and 52 percent after the break. It doesn’t matter if you play great in the first half, it doesn’t matter if you play great for 35 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you play great for 39 minutes. You are what your record says you are. So, you play to win the game. But to answer your question, I mean, we’re going to find out. Some teams grow and get hardened and tough, you know, as they get older and make those free throws [and] don’t make some of the mistakes late in games. But we shall see. Obviously, you would hope so.”

                  on his team’s final defensive position and if USC’s game-winning shot was simply great shot
                  “No. You’ve got to make him dribble the ball inside the line when you’re up two. [Jaylen Clark] He didn’t want to foul – he’s a young kid and I understand, his mindset was don’t foul the three. But he’s got to make the guy drive the ball there. He’s got to make him put it down and get inside the line. Plus, he didn’t have that much time to make a dribble move. But like I told him, that’s not the reason we lost. There’s a lot of things that led up to that.”

                  on if he ever anticipated playing Johnny Juzang
                  “No. I was not playing him.”

                  on if he felt his team was successful, defensively, against Evan Mobley
                  “Yes. Not that we were going to stop him, by any stretch. But we held him to no offensive rebounds and, you know, what we didn’t want to do was let their other guys kill us from the 3-point line. And I still think we lost the game because of what we’d allowed their other guys to do. We let Drew Peterson drive right for a layup. We take a ridiculous shot, so now we can’t get back on defense and it’s 5-on-4 and we give up a three. We drive for no reason, turn it over, dive on the floor and give up a layup on the other end. So, their other guys beat us. So yeah, to answer your question, we didn’t want to get beat from the 3-point line by their other guys and I still think we did not do a good enough job. Goodwin hurt us on the offensive glass late in the game. We didn’t box him out. I thought that their other guys beat us, and we were trying to make that be the case, to answer your question.”

                  sophomore guard Jaime Jaquez Jr.
                  on leading by eight points with five minutes to go and what happened with the offense
                  “I think that just, as far as offense, we were stagnant. That left us susceptible to late-clock shots. And it is tough to make those in late, crunch time.”

                  on trying to bounce back against USC after losing to Oregon
                  “Yeah, losing three in a row is hard no matter what, in any sport. But regardless, you have to still have that same mentality. As a team, we still have to have that same mentality because the season isn’t over and we are going into the postseason right now, and we have to play with that level of confidence. Unfortunately, we didn’t get this one today.”

                  on how difficult a loss like this feels, especially after having lost in similar fashion at USC on year ago
                  “It’s extremely tough to lose like that, but like I said, you know, we just have to move forward and get into this postseason and this Pac-12 Tournament and give it everything that we’ve got.”

                  on if anybody said anything helpful in the locker room after the loss
                  “Yeah, I mean, we just came together in the huddle and said to keep our heads up, to have a short memory – that’s kind of a phrase that we’ve been using. And going into this tournament, to give it everything we’ve got and try and come out with a championship.”

                  on being down several players in this game, and what the confidence level is like for UCLA’s team
                  “I mean, we’ve been playing without Chris [Smith] and Jalen Hill for a while now, so we don’t really take that into account. I mean Johnny, he’s a big piece for us. Regardless, there are still five guys on the court. We have given it everything that we’ve got. We made some dumb mistakes here and there that really cost us the game especially myself. We are going into the Pac-12 [Tournament], short memory like I’d said before and we’re just going to come together as a team.”


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                    Eeks2284 Much appreciated, thank you.


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                      Good stuff.