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There were a few questionable coaching calls but

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  • There were a few questionable coaching calls but

    last night's game was on the players and mostly the Mobleys. Evan has been brilliant for most of the season but not last night.

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    It’s like Groundhog Day for USC basketball every single time we play a tough opponent: our players can seemingly never make the play when it matters on offense. Turnovers, poor shot selection, missing even the easy buckets, missing free throws...


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      They are having problems with physical defensive teams thus far. We need our guys to be at the top of their game against these better opponents and last night our best players did not perform at a high level. IMO, coaching had little to do with it. When our guys hit their shots posters here praise Enfield and when they miss similar shots then it's the coaches fault.


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        Guys, hate to break it to you, but teams don’t go undefeated in college basketball. We go through this here every time there’s a loss: it is seen as some impending sign of doom, when in most cases it tells us just as much about the team as the wins do. So both the wins and losses have to be assessed in aggregate, not in isolation. Right now, we have an excellent albeit new roster and a lot of promise, and we’re missing our point guard, but we are definitely a conference contender. This loss doesn’t change that.


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          Totally agree. Whenever SC loses, the sky starts falling. When SC wins, everything is great. They will be fine.

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        LOL... seriously. Let's wait till we get a few games into the conference schedule to declare that the sky is falling. The PAC12 conference champ probably averages 3-5 conference losses in a season. 2nd place obviously has more. We're probably going to land somewhere between 1st and 4th in the conference, IMO. I will agree that our front line looks to be anti-contact. Both UConn & Colorado have some big bulls down low that we struggled trading punches with. Drew seems to have lost his stroke since the layoff. He shot 61% the first five games and 22% the last two. Him being such a pivotal part of the offense, shooting at that rate will have a negative impact on the game for us. That plus the Mobley's performances were the difference, for sure. You can't miss bunnies and free throws and win. Not much X's and O's there.