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Jonah Mathews to Tahj Eaddy & 20 THINGS

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  • Jonah Mathews to Tahj Eaddy & 20 THINGS

    We are SC. We Fight On!

    I ❤ it that we never gave up. Our fortitude and Tahj's miraculous last second shot are my instant thoughts upon reflection. That said, we got lucky. Most teams put us away with a performance like that. Jules Bernard and Jaime Jaquez missing the front ends in the last minute were a gift. The way the refs treated us, we were due a handful of gifts, but we got lucky to be that close. ...and then Ethan and Tahj stepped up right when we needed them. I did think, however, that CAE blew a lot of things. How is it that we're celebrating? I mean, we stunk up the joint today in so many ways.

    How amazing is it that we won two season-ending games against ucla with win-or-lose clutch 3-point shots? In Jonah I trust. In Tahj I trust too.

    20 THINGS:

    1- I did not like Ethan coming off the bench. He deserved to start, and CAE alternative did not get off to a great start (yet again). Ethan was also great last time vc ucla.
    2- OMGoodness. These officials should be ashamed of themselves. This was quite literally a true "home court advantage." Ridiculous. Shameful. ...and both early travels?? Terrible.
    3- Since I can't be critical of Max on this message board, let me just say he is "amazing." His early airball was a tone setter. CAE trusts him tho. He was in for our last play. (WTH?)
    4- We need to recruit kids who can shoot free-throws. It's such an elemental, yet critical part of the game.
    5- Who's the porky bald kid they have running up and down the court at Pauley? It almost looks like he's giving instructions. Refs must like him. He got to run to the 3 pt line during the game. (Head scratcher)
    6- On that note - is Mick Cronin just about the least likable coach you've ever seen? Golly.
    7- Noah Baumann was running hot dogs and pop to the SC coaching staff all game long. He's been a true trooper taking whatever role CAE gives him. He's an underrated hot-dog runner.
    8- We don't box out well as a team. I swear, we run under the rim like we'll get points for catching the ball when it goes through the basket. Ugh.
    9- That last defensive segment before the half was atrocious. The one player we left open, Singleton, is the PAC-12 3PT% leader - and he was hot! ...hello?
    10- Free-throws.
    11- Ethan was a steadying force tonight. He deserves some message board love for his play and toughness. His patience on that last play deserves a mountain of credit.
    12- Evan had a double-double, but it was as quiet as they get. His 3 blocks were all fantastic!
    13- CAE has an important job to do. We MUST figure out how to create open 3 point shots better. With EMobley on the team, there are just no excuses. Must be better. Period.
    14- Chevez Goodwin has really good touch down low. ...and he's ambidextrous! Loved it that he hit two shots - one with each hand - in back to back possessions.
    15- Sitting Drew when he's not quite in sync just needs to stop. CAE sat him for far too long tonight. He's our 3rd best player. It's just dumb.
    16- IMO, Tahj is our MVP. I get it. He's not going to be a lottery pick, but let's be honest. He has put the team on his back SOOOOO many times. LOVE this kid. Cash-money. All day, every day.
    17- When Ethan had the break in 2H and missed......the fumble-rebound-dunk was disheartening. To every Trojan. Everywhere.
    18- Jules Bernard is becoming a pretty darn good player. Coached against him at Winward and thought he was D1 material, but it's taken a couple years. He's become very solid.
    19- is it me, or does Mick Cronin look like he's going to drop of a heart attack at any moment? Relax, coach. Relax.
    20- For a game where Trojans fans felt the stress of a season-ending loss for 39 minutes and 56 seconds, MAN did that feel good!

    Somebody pinch me.

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    I don’t think we have a problem creating open 3pt looks. We have a problem making them on a consistent basis. Max had an airball, Baumann had an airball, and Drew missed a few in the first half before nailing the two big ones in crunch time.

    Eaddy took some bad 3pt shots jacking up long distance bombs early in the shot clock, and of course Evans was almost a back breaker. But I’d say at least 70% of our 3pt looks are good shots created off teams clogging the paint.


    • SC MOJO
      SC MOJO commented
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      I agree we haven't been shooting them well as a team, but our lack of ball rotations is obvious. I disagree about a lot of what you referenced. I'm OK shots a few feet deep if it's from Tahj (39.6%) or Drew (36.6%), who have proven they can hit those shots, especially late in the clock like many were today.

    • PxPxTrojan
      PxPxTrojan commented
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      Agreed on needing more ball rotations and movement away from the ball. The looks we’re getting from 3 are definitely of the “pray Evan can find someone camped out behind the line when the double and triple team comes” variety, but even that is good for at least 10 good looking 3s per game.

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    #17 - that was actually Eaddy on the break not Ethan.
    I often cringe when Max has the ball but overall he had some nice offensive plays this game.
    I agree Ethan came up really big with some great shots and FTs.


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      Lol hot dog runner lol


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        Had to be something.


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          1. I did NOT like Ethan coming of the bench either. My theory is that Max had an "amazing defensive week In practice" so CAE liked him starting better. Fine, I guess, but we'll never know what would have happened otherwise.

          2. I never like to complain about officiating since I obviously don't know the rules that well... But I would really really like to see a standardized review of how games have been officiated from SOMEWHERE. Like, I want to put the refs on the mf HOT SEAT and ask them WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT CALL, and see them justify it or back down. It's never gonna happen... But I want to see it.

          3. Max just doesn't have the same energy on defense that white does. Now that's obvious, but I just feel like he could give more on that end.

          4. Max's 3 pt shooting still sucks BUT his driving to the lane is getting better... YES!

          5. Goodwin is a beast, gave us so much energy in the game - I would like to see him work his way into the starting lineup where I Mobley is - not permanently, I just want him to be able to work in I Mobleys position when I is have a bad game.

          6. We didn't get a lot of rebounds tonight... Well definitely not in the first half, offensive rebounds specifically - I would like to see the stat for the game though.

          7. You can tell Ethan REALLY WANTS to be a point guard - the dude looks for passes EVERY time, and he's getting creative with where he's finding them... Sometimes too creative. I'm torn here because I want him to stroke his 3, but if he thinks pg is his calling and he wants to force the pass or drive... Well alright EA, get it.

          8. We hammer inside too much. like you said, we really need to show, and be willing to shoot and sink the 3 ball for the tourney. I want to see more set plays for this.

          9. Free throws - honestly, at this point in the season, if you're Mobley or Goodwin, you should know that the #1 think you can do to improve the length of your off-season is to shoot a couple hundred free throws a day from here on out. NOTHING is going to give you a better shot than making those when it counts in the next few weeks. They should get on it.

          10. I'm proud of our boys. They did not fold, and they kept fighting every Minute until the end; and every second. That's championship performance. Onto the tournament.

          Fight on!


          • SC MOJO
            SC MOJO commented
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            All great points.

            Ethans assist-to-turnover ration is about 2-1, which is not good. His ball handling is also average, at best, among starting PGs in the PAC-12. His scoring and decision making have been much better this season, so I'm stoked at his progression. The kid is only a sophomore. He's playing within himself and is only going to get better.

          • Trojan2021
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            I'm gonna take a gamble and say that 2:1 is still better than Maxy-boy - speaking of which surprised you havent received heat for select comment in the 20 things yet hahaha...

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          Agree about not boxing out. It’s maddening. Stripes were god awful which makes it all the worse when bruins complain about 5 seconds on final play.

          we have to play better than this to go anywhere in March Madness. Good news is that we can.


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            yeah - bruins complaining about 5 second call are pathetic. The bruins had the benefit of the whistle all night long, Impactful calls or non-calls largely going their way in ridiculous, but predictable fashion. Ethan's in-bound possession got close to 5 seconds, but referees never want to make that call, and there was a ref right on the spot counting off the play. I was proud Ethan let develop as it did. It was magical.


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              Garnering our only lead in the game with 1.5 seconds to go was fantastic!


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                Great 20 things perspective. My fav is no 3. Max is ... "amazing" .. I skipped the rest lol . But I honestly came away with more than 20 things ✌

                On side note. I learned today that Jonah and Tahj are good friends before Tahj transferred to SC.. They have the same jersey number 2 and same game 3pt game winning shot against the Bruin for the win haha. Eaddy's game winning shot was meant to be. Love it!


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                  Fun fact: I believe it was posted that we're 17-0 when we have 3 double-digit scorers. If Tahj's final shot vs ucla doesn't fall, Saturday would have marked the first game we lost under those circumstances (Evan, Drew and Chevez before Tahj's shot added a 4th at 12 pts.)