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    Our best case scenario is probably a 3 seed and worst is a 6. If we lose our 1st game in the Pac 12 tourney, we'll most likely be a 5 or 6. A semifinal loss would probably end up with us being a 5. A finals loss should mean either a 4 or 5 seed. I can't see us being worse than a 4 if we win the Pac 12 tourney and possibly a 3 depending on other results.

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    What a difference three years makes! Instead of getting snubbed and watching JMAC end his storied career in the NIT at Galen, we get to muse about our seeding in March Madness.

    ​​​​​​Projected 6th to 2nd/1st place finish. Enjoy this! ✌️ GO BEAVS!


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      I do wonder, if USC wins the P12 Tourney or gets to the final, whether 3 is a lock. Look at the Net Team Sheet, our numbers are actually good on the sheet. 4-2 in Quad 1 on the road/neutral. There's only a few teams better (Gonzaga, Houston, Michigan) - and road/neutral is supposed to matter for the NCAA. Plus 2 of the Quad 1's are non conference, again important. The prognosticators and media have artificially set us up to believe we're a lower seed than I believe the committee will see.

      At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Ha!