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The in bound play

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  • The in bound play

    Re watching the game, I see that the last in-bound was the same play we ran less than a minute to go and also before. That is throw to Evan as Coach Enfield said after the game.

    UCLA probably guessed this was coming and defended well. We all know what Eaddy did. The rest of our players were all moving from near the basket toward the center court. Even if one of them caught the in-bound ball, it would have been very very difficult to turn around and make a long range shot. EA made a good decision.


    Saw a longer version of the celebration. After the game was over we saw our players surrounding Eaddy and wooping up. The celebrating pile move from our court side to UCLA court side and broadcasting stops and moves to show UCLA players trudging off the court. In a longer version that I saw, the celebrating pile veer off and continue diagonally to a spot where Eaddy made his famous shot. And then the pile started to break up.

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    Also noticed watching video from floor level behind the basket Drew looked like he was in great position for a rebound if Taj missed. Great job all around. a year ago today was my last live sporting event, witnessing Jonah’s three pointer. Because I saw it live, that shot is just ahead of this last Trojan triumph over the Bruins.
    Fight On,,