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Two extremes of victories

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  • Two extremes of victories

    Last week, all USC BB fans were treated with an epic 2-game roller-coaster dramatic victories of historic extremes.

    USC’s 37-point win over Stanford was its largest margin of victory in a Pac-12 game since 1967! 54years, can we say that's once in a life time?
    Any really, really old-timer fans, raise your hand. please, if you remember the previous occasion.

    Then, the scene quickly switched to this trailing-the-entire-game, taking-first-lead-by-our-last-shot-with-1.4-second-remaining 1-point suspense. Oh my dear friends, how can we not love this team?

    As for this Thursday's game, I just wish we have an old-fashioned, plain-vanilla double digit win. I'm not greedy, you know.

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    Ha, it's like a drug isn't it: you want the thrill of a close game, but the comfort of a double digit put-em-away.

    I am simply a plan of good basketball. Win or lose if we play well, I'm happy. I live for those beautiful lane drives, finger roll layups, everyone involved kickout shorts, a Mobley, Mobley, Goodwin move down low, a succulent transition 3...

    It is true that large margin of victories indicate that we're playing welll BUT there are a select few games where both teams are playing well - not poorly, and it's a tight hard fought emotional win.

    Last year's UCLA game was one such game.