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  • Thanks Enfield!

    43 wins in two years.
    Four NCAA qualified teams in six years.
    Three top 3 conference finishes in 4 years.
    Three straight first round picks.
    Coach of the Year.
    Player of the Year.
    Best year since 1992.

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    And year over year, constant improvement in results. All indications are that we have ourselves a winner who is growing with the program.! Fight On CAE!


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      Couldn’t be more impressed. As a lifelong MSU (and USC) fan it’s been great to watch this SC team succeed with the same winning formula of rebounding and defense. It works. I love this SC team. So fun! Be a team schools dread playing. Enfield has accomplished this.
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        Let’s keep the momentum going...onward to the pac-12 tournament championship and into week 2 of NCAA!


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          The press release really makes you wonder why his success was ever questioned...

          According the USC's press release, "Enfield has guided the Trojans to a 153-108 record in his eight seasons as USC’s head coach, the fourth most wins in school history. He also has set the best single-season, two-year, three-year, four-year, five-year and six-year records and has the Trojans currently ranked No. 24 in the Associated Press poll. Enfield is now six wins away from picking up his 200th career victory, as he is 194-136 in 10 years as a college head coach."

          Of course, he's not a perfect coach, but it does interest me how one can spin statistics to make someone sound like the best or worst guy for the job...

          None the less, I'm contended with the current state of the program and even more so the trend...


          • PxPxTrojan
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            If we’re being honest with ourselves it can both be true he was the best possible hire from the depths of the KO disaster, has built a solid foundation, has USC basketball in the best place it’s been in a long time...AND want him to get over the hump with the last few things that have kept USC from being nationally relevant.

            We are SO SO close, but can’t ignore ongoing things that have kept us from being elite:

            Our non conference schedule is typically trash and gives the team 9-10 wins going into conference play. The few marquee ones we have scheduled, we’ve lost more often than not.

            Our road woes have kept us from winning the conference outright 3 out of the last 4 years. Until we can consistently win the desert and mountain swings (or even freaking split it!), we’ll always have a huge road block to winning the conference.

            Our free throw shooting has only been above 70% twice in his entire tenure.

          • biggitysc
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            I agree on FT shooting, it has to get better. One reason may be the lack of continuity with his squads. Hopefully that is changing and we get more returnees.

            It seems like you are nitpicking a little bit with those other two. For road woes, every team in the Pac12 struggles on the road. A lot of it is home cooking with trash referees. Having said that, we still went 7-3 on the road in conference. This season it wasn't easy to schedule bigger OOC opponents but we still played BYU and UConn. We throttled BYU and barely lost to UConn. The season before we beat LSU, TCU, and at Nevada. It's not like we lose to any OOC opponent worth a grain of a salt. I'd love to see us do a home and home again with Kansas, or another big blue blood.

          • PxPxTrojan
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            I agree this year isn’t a fair judgment for road games (empty arenas) or OOC games (limiting travel), but as a whole, it has been two of the things that has kept the team from the national conversation. Road games are tough, but the best team in the conference typically wins the easier one and can get at least one of the tougher ones to separate itself from the pack.

            2017: tournament snub from losing to Texas A&M, Oklahoma, SMU with no marquee OOC win. Getting swept on the desert trip while tied atop the standings finished any hope of championship.

            2020: LSU and Nevada were good wins, but smoked by Marquette and lost to Temple. TCU was .500 that year. Conference was lost getting swept in the desert and on the mountain trip.

            2021: swept on the mountain trip again. Inexplicable loss at Oregon state. Finish a fraction of a percent behind Oregon. UConn another one we let get away.

            Point I’m getting at is we are in a WAY better place than any time in my lifetime (I’m 35), but we still need to make the next step up to be taken seriously. The road to a championship for USC clearly runs through the desert and mountain trips, so we need to get over that hump (have to go at least .500) while always winning the road games we’re supposed to.

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          Thank you CAE, what a big change from what KO left us with.

          That sketch feller sure did disappear. Only magically appears when there's something negative to say.


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            Thank you Coach Enfield from a graduate who has been following USC BB since 1963 through many disappointing seasons. It used to be we got 3 * players. Now we are getting 4* players because you built the program up. Looking forward you taking us to many NCAA tourney trips.


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              If we can make at least the elite 8, it could really propel recruiting and solidify USC as a destination basketball program.


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                Since Day 1, In CAE I trust Thank you Coach

                Super happy for him, his family, coaching staff, our entire team (and our SC forurm fam as well).


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                  Our non conference schedule is typically trash and gives the team 9-10 wins going into conference play. The few marquee ones we have scheduled, we’ve lost more often than not.
                  In all fairness, we had a game scheduled against Gonzaga that was cancelled. We did get to play BYU, who just gave Gonzaga a run for their money as well as UConn. I know there were other non-con games that were cancelled that everyone was looking forward to seeing, but I can't seem to find the original schedule.

                  That said, I do agree that we need to make our non-con schedule more attractive. Going 10-0 against quad 3 and 4 teams does nothing in a normal year. We need quad 1 and 2 victories, although close quad 1 losses, especially on the road do not hurt.