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Goodwin is a winner

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  • Goodwin is a winner

    Goodwin is contributing. Like his game. I think as the season goes on, he will shine more. A good find. Hope he return for the next year along with Eaddy.

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    Goodwin's addition to our team this year indeed provides many good wins already. Thanks to him and our coaches' great efforts in scouting/recruiting him.

    Goodwin's play style is very nostalgic for old-schooled basketball centers' movements: back to the basket, pivoting one foot left or right for turn-around high-percentage short range shots, relentlessly fighting for rebounds on both ends, giving his team an effective presence in the paint. In today's basketball, most 6'9'' players just want to ( or need to?) shoot outside face-to-the-basket shots and don't fight for rebounds as hard as they were before.

    Look at 2 examples in the USC-UCI highlight film.
    (2) Men's Basketball: USC 91, UCI 56 - Highlights 12/8/20 - YouTube

    1) @0:45
    Goodwin fights for the offensive rebound, maneuvers in a tight space, turns around and slams it home.

    2) @0:58
    This one is even more amazing. When Peterson long-passes to Bauman in the front court for a quick 3-point shot, Goodwin is still in the back court. Yet Goodwin
    runs to the paint area to give himself a chance for the possible rebound, nevertheless. great effort.

    Hope he can contribute more in our remaining games.


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      I agree that Goodwin is a winner. He just has “it” for today’s game. Ideal complement to our more finesse-oriented players, especially in the front court (though of course he has his flaws). I would play him until he fouls out.


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        he's straight up durty south! plays tough, plays 110% on both ends, he's gritty, he's passionate. i watched a bunch of his wofford tape. although we don't have a true banger this kid plays like one.

        if you need a pivotal putback off of a offensive rebound there's no better, or in the least not many better, than this kid. he's all heart.


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          I can't remember the last time we had a big that was this efficient....


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            Hate to say it, but the last 2 games, Goodwin has been our most effective big.

            Aggressive and physical rather than tentative and passive.

            Really hope he comes back for an extra year next season.
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