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Despite the loss, we have plenty to feel good about (long post)

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  • Despite the loss, we have plenty to feel good about (long post)

    Ok I will admit, I am a wreck during game day & I really need to refrain from posting because I have the tendency to get a bit harsh. Too much emotion invested

    The 1H WAS very frustrating, especially with our guys going into a scoreless drought. Before we got into the drought, Evan scored the teams first 11 out of 13 (with his brother Isaiah scoring the other 2). So we can pretty much see what type of tone Evan was setting the rest of the way. What we can’t afford for obvious reasons, is for Tahj to go scoreless & for any of our guys miss open looks from the perimeter. We have proven time & time we can get cold but also that our guys are more than capable of making shots from the perimeter. We also can’t afford to let the opposing team get too comfortable from the perimeter. In the 1H Schwartz hit 2 early on and then of course McKinley Wright got it going. I had to check the stat sheet at the half & Horne wasn’t much of a factor, so I applauded their effort in containing his productivity.

    I have to say that the officiating continues to be ABSOLUTELY inconsistent. The game vs Utah, they called over 50 fouls which is atrocious. In the game last night vs Colorado, who by far is a much more physical team, they only called a little over 20. Despite how chippy the game wound up being. Might have to do something with the conference head of officiating sitting courtside? Go figure...

    The 2H was an absolute rollercoaster. Evan pretty much dominated, then we started seeing spurts of Drew start to get it going, both Isaiah’s would chip in, Chevez got some baskets BUT the Achilles heel of our offense continues to be FREE THROW SHOOTING...I really don’t know what else more can be said - they’re free & going 0-2 and coming up with nothing will always give your team a hard time to win any games, let alone in March when games continue to get tight. Whereas, Colorado is just the complete opposite - they make their free throws. Just obviously not a good match up & going 0 for the last 7 (McKinley Wright IV’s presence) just shows it.

    Things obviously, weren’t all bad. Evan was aggressive on both ends. He ended up with 5 blocks but the 2 that stand out to me was one on Evan Battey after a grabbed an offensive rebound & attempted a put back which he absolutely volleyball spiked + the one on Horne on a 3 point attempt from the corner right in front of the CU bench.

    The team ended up shooting 8-17 from 3 despite a slow start & Tahj scored all of his 11 points under the 3 minute mark. Tahj admitted that we won’t win a lot of games going forward if he gets to a slow start. In many of the games in which he was a factor, he would usually hit the first few shots for the team & set the tone.

    CAE has also shortened his bench. Not many guys getting many minutes. However, I have to comment that he should 100% have been playing Reese more as the season went on. I just feel that he would’ve been able to bring more of a dynamic factor on offense as opposed to some of the guys who have gotten more minutes ahead of him. Oh well, CAE will continue to ride with his guys.

    So now we wait for selection sunday. I made a promise to myself that I won’t watch any more games until the selection show lol but the NCAA tournament is all about favorable match ups. Whether we are a 5,6,7 seed we are more than likely going to draw a good mid major team, or a middle of the pack Power 6 team.

    With us being picked 6th & finishing 2nd, I selfishly still feel that we shot ourselves in the foot. The P12 title was in our hands, then we lost 3 of 4 (thanks, P12 for giving the Ducks the title due to a technicality smh) & the road to the P12 tourney title got a whole lot easier with Oregon St beating the Ducks (THANKS FOR NOT BEATING THEM THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS PLAYED THEM AT HOME lol). Going 0-2 vs Colorado who seems to be our current rival due to CAE & Tad Boyle’s feud + Mike Bohn’s personal relationship with Tad. Our current team isn’t perfect by no means, but what team is? We have perhaps the most talented player in the country & possibly the best player in our program’s history. The story isn’t finished yet, but we have to ask ourselves, is this going to be another OJ Mayo scenario where we end up becoming one & done, or are we finally going to be able to pull through and make it past the 2nd weekend of the tournament. Regardless, I’ll always be in & rooting for our guys but I really am hoping this is our time & that we are going to have our moment

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    CU is better than us - they underachieved all year. So I’m super impressed we came back like we did. Most importantly Evan is out of his mini funk - big time.


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      Great analysis Cab. You put things in their proper perspective. This is team ifs flawed, but had a nice season. Getting to the 2nd weekend would be sweet.


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        At the end of the day, college basketball is a game of many mistakes and you just try and make less of them than the other team in every game.

        For this game, as with many others, we straight up beat ourselves in the first half. That's it, really. In this game AND the UCLA game we had to claw back in a slugfest of a second half. In the UCLA game things happened to go our way and - despite this game being tied with 30 seconds to go and us playing excellent defense on the final possession, we couldn't pull our the same magic here.

        No one knows this better than UCLA right now - comeback losses in all the last 5 of their games, yikes. It's a game of margins, gotta play by them.

        I think this really put's us in the "win or go home" mentality we need for the tournament and, well if past performance is any indicator of future success - we've got a first round whopping to give coming up!


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          Originally posted by Trojan2021
          I think this really put's us in the "win or go home" mentality we need for the tournament and, well if past performance is any indicator of future success - we've got a first round whopping to give coming up!
          True dat!