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Rich Ruben calling his shot

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  • Rich Ruben calling his shot

    Quote: "It isn’t often the Trojans have a legitimate chance to sweep the Arizona road trip. This week they have the opportunity to win both and I think they will." Full story is here

    I sure hope Rich turns out to be right on this, it would be huge for our team and our fans. Fight on!

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    when was the last time SC swept the Zona schools on the road? 1985 under Stan Morrison right?


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      I'm not sure if I agree with him. I think if Evan tried to force his way to try to score over double and triple teams in the Utah game then we may have lost. Other teams will try to scheme to take Evan out of the offense but that means another player is open to take advantage. The zone defenses in college are used specifically to contain dominant interior players. That's one of the reasons why we see more high scoring guards than dominant big men in the college game. The NBA introduced the zone (which used to be illegal defense) specifically because Shaq was so dominant in the paint at the time and it had changed the game
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