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BIGGEST important difference between this year and last year

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  • BIGGEST important difference between this year and last year

    If you look at the 8 deep, the players who get the lion's share of the minutes, SIX of them are shooting 47% or better from the field, FOUR of them are shooting 50% or better from the field, and FOUR are shooting 39% or better from 3 point land.

    If you recall, the last couple seasons were plagued by some really bad, game-killing shooting performances, especially early on. It was typical to see games with Jonah going 1 for 9, or to see Rakocevic go 1-6, or for Weaver to go 3 of 10...there were just a lot of black hole performances that killed us in games.

    So far, that hasn't really happened yet. With one-third of the season gone, the team has a .492 FG%, which if it stands would be the highest by a USC team since .499 in 1979. We haven't shot anywhere close to this well in the last couple decades, though we did shoot .480 in 2008. We are also in range of the SCHOOL RECORD FG% of .502 in 1974.

    This is a rather amazing stat so far and is the story of the season.

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    Would you say this is due to better talent than previous, or better spacing/execution? In addition to this, the defense has been very solid (Walton was saying one of the top in the PAC?)

    The two games lost was where the shooting was indeed frigid.


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      A few factors:

      1. I think the attention teams have had to give to Mobley has created better spacing and better shots for others at times.
      2. We have good penetrators in Peterson and Eaddy who can create better shots for themselves and others.
      3. Good finishers in the Mobleys, White, Goodwin.
      4. The offense is big-dominated, so more high % shots as a % of total shots.
      5. Outside shooting is way more consistent, though not as much volume as last year.


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        One more: our bench strength is stronger.


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          IMO, the biggest difference is that the players on this team are unselfish. They don't need to get "theirs". You don't see the rushed horrible shots we all have gotten used to. We have a very likable team.


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            Biggest improvement from me: No hero ball

            A damn shame a lockdown prevents me from seeing this team


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              Another factor is the stupid techs from Rak are gone. I don't think we've had one player t'd up yet.


              • Marty46r
                Marty46r commented
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                I think I.Mobley was T'd up. Correct me if I'm wrong.

              • CST_SC1
                CST_SC1 commented
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                E. Mobley got one after a slam.

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              Not having a head case on the team has made a big difference too


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                Honestly, I think it's the quality of depth. Enfield can take out a player if they're forcing and making bad plays/turnovers. Then you have core rotation players like White, Goodwin, Baumann or Max who can step in and provide a spark. In the past, Enfield's other options either didn't have the skill like Henderson or Big Vic or didn't prioritize playing within the scheme like Usher or Porter Jr. It also helps having mature players who don't need to also learn how to do the little things that help the team succeed (listen to Goodwin talk on D or watch White hunt rebounds).
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                  The older transfers are legit so it makes the younger players follow CAE's plans (looking at Max here) since they know they'll get pulled if they stray.


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                    In the past, with many Enfield teams, a small lead in the waning minutes almost always resulted in a loss. This teams seems better equipped to close out a game.
                    Hope they don't prove me wrong today.