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USC v. ASU, 58-63

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  • USC v. ASU, 58-63

    Bummer loss, though admittedly I think they did better than I expected. They had a great first quarter but a 4-point second quarter came to bite them in the end. And during those last few minutes, both sides remained scoreless from the field, allowing ASU to maintain the edge.

    I think this is a solid group of players, and I do like Trakh and co, but I really don't understand why each year injuries prevent the team from having a bench. With a 7 (mostly 6) player rotation, no one can have an off day or risk an injury. Rogers gave us two scares there, and I fear that she might be playing with something minor. Caldwell had an off day with respect to the bucket. Neither got a chance to rest and reboot, which harms the team overall. I wonder what's happening; right now all four players (Miura, Jenkins, Pili, and Aaron) traveled with the team but weren't suited up and sat isolated behind the hoop. Even one of them would certainly enhance, but having all 4 out, especially Aaron who has already been out 2 years, does raise some eyebrows.