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Shalexxus Aaron is back!

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  • Shalexxus Aaron is back!

    After nearly 2 years, Aaron has suited up and taken the court with the WOT. Her leadership and skills have surely been missed. Now, we just need Miura (and from what it looks like, Campbell too).

    On a side note, this game against UCR is not going well at all. With 4 minutes to go in the first, the Highlanders are up 2-15...

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    USC loses to UCR.... 52-54

    Positives: (1) Aaron is back. She was surely missed. She and Pili are still getting used to things but it is super good that she came in today rather than against Stanford. Hopefully we can have a stronger bench when they're up in the bay. (2) The 17-0 run in the 3rd quarter. That's what gave this team what it needed to grab the W after a bad first half that left them trailing by 19 against a team that came in 2-5 with zero Big West conference wins this season and zero wins ever against the WOT. (4) 4 blocks by Sanders (especially that last one) and 11 blocks total for the WOT.

    Negatives: (1) First half. All of it. Just, bad. Shots weren't made, no defense, no chemistry. It started off with UCR 11-0 run. (2) Rebounds. Still the same issue we've been seeing. UCR had many 2nd attempts and plenty of 3rd+ too. It seemed like there were many instances when the WOT weren't rushing towards the ball, allowing UCR to intercept. (3) Turnovers. USC had 13 in the first half alone. Especially stepping out of bounds. (4) Tech equipment. The game started off a few minutes late simply because the shot clock wasn't working, allowing the UCR team to start the game with 2 technical free throws. (5) Announcer. I feel like he made quite a few mistakes re: stats and player names.

    The WOT return next week to take on Stanford at home (which is UCSC's arena given COVID-19 restrictions). Cal's game is indefinitely postponed. I hope they're able to recover that game; it would be nice to play Cal and (likely) get a road W.