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Disgusting! Pathetic! Embarrassing!

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  • Disgusting! Pathetic! Embarrassing!

    I blame the coaches for this and the players as well! Losing to a clearly inferior team, because you did not take them seriously and did not come to play. There is NO excuse for that. Down 11-0 to start the game and Trakh makes a wholesale change (I thought that was necessary), however, the second unit did not really change things. Down by 18 at half and end up losing at the end. We couldn't buy an outside shot and blew a bunch of layups....I can see poor shooting, it happens sometimes, but I cannot see a total lack of effort until it was too late. SC had never lost to UCR in it's history (5-0) against them before this crap game. I thought we would be much better....

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    Always respect your opponent