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    Although undersized Alissa Pili is our best post player and I hope she is back playing soon. 6'5" Angel Jackson has obviously lost weight since last season, but still lumbers out there and needs to continue to get into better game shape as she needs to play more minutes. Amaya Oliver has performed well and is the most athletic of the 'bigs', although she is not really a big, but a guard/small forward. I'm waiting to see Jordan Jenkins, maybe she can help us out this season. We will start getting some height into the program in the next recruiting class when No. 2-ranked center in the country, Clarice Uche Akunwafo, enrolls. She is a legit 6'6". We have grit, but you cannot replace height. What are your thoughts?

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    Jackson has played strong this season. Our problem has been depth. The injuries are killing us. I believe if Pili was healthy we are undefeated. Her post game and ability to knock down the 3 is serious. She keeps other teams in foul trouble as well. If we're all the way healthy we're good money


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      When will Pili be back?