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Welcome to the Women of Troy basketball forum!

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  • Welcome to the Women of Troy basketball forum!

    Let's make this an online forum worthy of the Women of Troy program.

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    Thanks for setting this up!


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      Thank you for the nice set up !

      Does anyone know when Alissa Pili is expected to return ?
      S. Aaron too ?

      Thank you and Fight On !


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        This new forum is incredible. Thanks for putting it together. Great work all around!

        Re: Pili and Aaron, I haven't found anything on twitter or on other forums, nor on their social media accounts, but I hope they're back soon. Even with the both of them, ASU and UofA are already hard enough. Same goes for Miura. I wonder how Jenkins, Sanders, and Tinner will fit into the rotation. I mentioned this before, but I don't remember the last time I saw an 'SC team with much depth. Perhaps CCD's first year back when they had Crook, Harberts, Vaioletama, and co... Fingers crossed for a speedy recover and return. ✌


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          I am new to the board. Will someone tell me where I can get WOT BB info and updates on recruiting.?


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            Raoul generally has some great info on women's bball recruits:

            The ESPN page also has some solid commitments listed for the next few years:

            Other than those pages, it's a lot of deep digging around on social media right now for me (usually via twitter).


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              Love the new setup