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  • USC WOT Backcourt/Wing Players

    Endiya Rogers is the real deal and definitely can score and distribute the ball. She can be a little streaky from outside, but when she is on her game, is brilliant. With Desiree Caldwell being a junior and coming in highly touted, I just expected a lot more than she is providing. At this point i am happy when she doesn't make poor passes. Her scoring can not be counted on IMO. Kyra White handles the ball pretty well and plays good D, she is athletic, but doesn't shoot much. For shooting, we have Madison Campbell and Jordan Sanders from the 3 pt line, but really could use Shalexxus Aaron, as with all of our injured players, I am not sure what her injury is and what her timeline is to return. It can't happen soon enough as the team is scrappy and can win with a little more help. We also miss Alison Miura and have yet to see Zayla Tinner, so can't really comment on her yet. I know that Amaya Oliver has been forced to play inside a lot, but she really is a wing and has really contributed this season and will have to be relied upon for scoring until some of these other players come back. The player we miss the most is Pili and supposedly she has worked a lot on her 3 point shooting. So even though she is our best big, she will still be relied upon to stretch the floor. Comments?