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Well that was fun....NOT!

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  • Well that was fun....NOT!

    SC was outcoached, outclassed and outscored by 25 pts in a game that they had to have. They were never really competitive in this game. You don't win shooting 31.7%. You don't win when you are 8-24 from the 3 pt line and OSU is 9-14. You don't win when you are outrebounded 44-25, outscored at the FT line 16-4. This is not winning basketball. The Beavers had 3 players in double figures in scoring and shot 54.2% from the field. They looked sharp, organized and like a team, sharing the ball and looking for the best shots. Well, do we still have a shot in these next two against the Ducks and 'ruins? Inquiring minds want to know. I do know that we won't have a chance if we have this kind of performance.

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    If we do have a shot at one of these last 2 games, it is apparent that the Ducks are the easier target. UCLA just beat them 83-56. Who knows maybe we get lucky and play a good shooting, low mistakes game and come up with the victory over UO or maybe we rise up in the rivalry game? To be honest, I don't have much confidence in that happening. What about you guys?


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      Outscored, outclassed,, out coached gee what a surprise. I have been saying this ever since they brought Trah back as a coach. He will never get them where they should be remember they let him go the first time around. they did not do a national search and instead they got a "retread" and this is what you get. UCLA and Stanfrod will blow them away.