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Is there some kind of hex on this team?

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  • Is there some kind of hex on this team?

    WOT defeat a lousy LBSU team 71-65 behind terrific shooting (50% from the field and 47% from 3), but had only ONE forward available for the game (Amaya Oliver). Prior to this game Angel Jackson joined the ranks of the walking wounded and, like all of our players' injuries, we get no details on what is hurt, how severe and recovery time. This is unreal and totally implausible. I hope like heck the team gets someone healthy for the Pac-12 trip to the Oregon schools (both ranked of course and with size) which is coming up Jan. 1 (ducks) and Jan 3 (beavs). Maybe incoming UVA transfer Shemera Williams ( will be in school and ready to help. Lord knows the team needs it! Who ticked off the basketball gods? Inquiring minds want to know. Fight on!

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    I was worried when I saw the starting lineup when Jackson wasn't on there. This is only going to get worse as players are expected to play more minutes than they're used to. Sanders, who should start anyway, had to play 39 minutes. Rogers played 36, and she's already given us a few injury scares in recent games. White played 37 and Caldwell 34. Otto played 1, and Tinner 5. Some players aren't getting a chance to play while others are playing so much that fatigue is bound to lead to some injuries. We need honest injury updates and we need more effective training. We can't depend on 5-6 quality players to beat the Arizonas, Stanford, the Oregons, or UCLA.