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Topic change: Incoming Recruits named McDonalds' All-Americans

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  • Topic change: Incoming Recruits named McDonalds' All-Americans

    I am not looking forward to playing our rivals Friday, but maybe a miracle happens and we are at least competitive? So, to change things up, I would like to focus on the future. See the full story on our two incoming freshmen MdDonalds' All-Americans on the official site. The best thing about Clarice Uche Akunwafo and Rayah Marshall are that they are locals and they are both going to add needed height to this team. Clarice is 6'6" and Rayah is 6'4." As much as Alissa Pili is a stud in the post (and will be so much more so next season, when she is fully recovered from her injuries), she is still short at 6-ft and although she is very skilled, you cannot teach height and guarding players like the 6'9" girl from OSU takes some height. In the post, Angel Jackson needs to become more consistent and more dedicated to her craft, Jordan Jenkins needs to improve her hands and her game. I thought Amaya Oliver was better in there when Pili was out and should have gotten more playing time.

    It is obvious to all of us that this team needs to really improve over the off-season and come in on fire next year to hang with the rest of the conference. I am anxious to see how they will look with a full camp and practice schedule to develop cohesion and work on their schemes. I hope we get a look at Shemera Williams finally to see if she can add some offensive firepower. I hope some of the younger guards step up and take on more of a floor leadership role, as I have noted before, to me there looks like this floor general is lacking.

    What are everyone else's thoughts on next year's team? What do you see as the new starting lineup or depth chart? Right now I would go with Endya Rogers and Shalexxus Aaron at the guard positions or if she sticks around for an added year Jordan Sanders in front of Shalexxus, I would have the 6'6" freshman Akunwafo at center (granted I have never seen her play, but she may be an upgrade over what we have now). At forwards, I would go with Alissa Pili x and Rayah Marshall (also have never seen her play). I would have depth and hopefully instant 3-pt shooting at the guard position with Alyson Miura and Madison Campbell and at the lead guard I would plug in Shemera Williams and bring along Zayla Tinner to back up Endya, as we have already seen Desiree Caldwell for 3 yrs and know what she can and can't do. Angel Jackson and Amaya Oliver / Jordan Jenkins can back up the freshman center. Incoming guard/forward Rayah Marshall or Amaya Oliver / Jordan Jenkins can back up Pili. This is me just spitballin'. Hopefully we will see an impact transfer or two come into the program and make a difference like what Tami Fagbenle did and to a lesser extent Jordan Sanders did this year. We need better shooting all around, so that is what I would be targeting. Everyone should be playing tough defense like Kyra White does, but we need players that can score.

    So I invite you to provide your thoughts on a potential starting lineup and depth chart. Let's see what everyone is thinking.

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    What do you see as next year's starting line up and second team?