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  • Let's try this one....

    Hey fellow Trojan fans, I am just trying to get some discussion going on this board, but I am not sure what else to do. There are a few of us that are posting, but there appear to be lurkers out there that we would welcome to contribute their inputs. How long have you been a fan of USC Women's hoops? Who is your favorite player from the past and the present? Let's start there.

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    Who are your favorite SC women basketballers from the past? Who do you like on the current team?


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      Originally posted by SCthe1 View Post
      Who are your favorite SC women basketballers from the past? Who do you like on the current team?
      I'll answer my own question. Some of my favorites from the past are of course the hall of famers Cheryl Miller, the McGees, Cynthia Cooper, Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson. But I also Iiked Ronda Windham, Nicki McCrimmon, Camille Lenoir, Tammy Story, Jacki Gemelos (poor girl - 5 ACLs!), Jodi Anton (Wynn), Joni Easterly, Cherie Nelson, Paula Pyers, Ashley Corral, and Karleen Shields. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but those are the ones that come to mind for me. When I look at my list I see a lot of PGs there and it would be nice if we had a leader on our current team at the point.

      For the current or recent players we have had, I liked Minyon Moore, Cassie Harberts and Tami Fagbenle. On our team now I don't really see anyone who is really my favorite, although if I had to pick, I would say Endya Rogers, Jordan Sanders and Alyson Miura.


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        I definitely came into this late. I was at USC from 2008-2012 and attended a few games but didn't really know much basketball while I was there. I shared this before, but you'd be surprised how few 'SC students know that Lisa Leslie went to USC. Many won't know who Cheryl Miller is or any of those other powerhouses you mentioned. It's not their fault either; USC really needs to do better about educating students and alums about their storied history.

        That all said, you can't go wrong with Minyon Moore. She was definitely the best player on the squad as a first-year, and her game was flawless. If there were more teams in the WNBA, she would have certainly been drafted, though I wouldn't entirely rule out a chance for her to play in the future. It hurt to see her transfer out, but it was definitely the right choice for her growth and development. Aside from her, I really like Alissa Pili. She's just an incredible player. I also really enjoyed Courtney Jaco's game. Her three-pointers were amazing, and her mark was made early on as a first-year, too. As for the legends, I think it's safe to say that Miller should be on everyone's list. Loved hearing her story in the WOT HBO documentary.

        Fight On!


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          Thanks Vaz, good points and thanks for being a fan now, it's a sometimes frustrating, but sometimes very rewarding thing. Fight on!