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Are we going to bring the energy this afternoon against our rivals?!

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  • Are we going to bring the energy this afternoon against our rivals?!

    If the team does not show up with energy and play their hardest, we stand no chance at upending the 'ruins. OSU just handed them a defeat at Pauley, so they will be anxious to get the bad taste out of their mouths. It is also their senior night, so even more motivation for the 'ruins.

    So, will the WOT be up to the task and bring the fire for this final regular season game? Do they have heart? I hope so, so let's see it today ladies! Play hard and Fight on to victory!

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    Looks like a slow game for both sides right now. The WOT aren't making many shots, and neither are the bruins. Would like them to take a second to breathe as they move to the second quarter. Also, Jackson needs to get in the habit of taking better shots; a lot of hers this season and last just hit the rim but don't look super coordinated when she launches them. She's a great player; Trakh and co need to guide her a little better.

    11-14 at the start of quarter 2! Fight On!


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      The WOT have become an embarrassment. I know they have two highly rated recruits coming in next year, but do you really think that will make a difference? Other teams in the conference have classes that are equally as good, and, as much as I hate to say it, those schools have coaches who seem to be able develop talent. it may be time for Mark Trakh to leave. His teams consistently play below their talent level. I'm not saying the Trojans are as talented as UCLA or Stanford or Oregon, or even OSU, but to be blown out by these teams consistently is unacceptable. Something's missing and it starts with the coaching staff. I'll guess we'll find out if the administration cares about women's hoops.


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        Well, I am glad that is over....after a bad 1st quarter where we scored 11 pts, we continued at that rate to end the game at 51 pts, while ucla scored 93. We shot only 34% and although we hit 5 threes, the 'ruins went all 'Jeriah Horne' on us hitting a school record 16 3s (16-23, 69.6%) led by Onyenwere (6-6) and Corsaro (4-5). Are we really 42 pts worse than our rivals? We are just not a good team right now and suffer from a lack of leadership on the court and from the bench. We need a fresh start and maybe that requires a move by Mike Bohn to change the coach. Results matter.


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          That was a very, very bad game overall. Like you both mentioned, having great players shouldn't have the results we've been seeing. Overall, I do think Trakh and co. are great recruiters, and the team does seem to have closer bonds than we saw with previous coaches, but game day leadership is severely lacking. Again, there is no reason why a program with an HBO documentary, a storied history, alums like Miller and Leslie, and 2 national championships should be sitting in this present situation. It frustrates me to see time again high-quality players miss out on any sort of postseason. Edwards, Moore, Simon, Mazyck, and many more will never get the chance to dance even though they were more than deserving of the opportunity.

          I just don't know how much USC is willing to invest. I do think Bohn (and especially Folt) are more focused on gender equity and such, but the budgetary reasons for a terrible hiring process last time around are worrisome. Let's hope things will actually change; they have to.


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            Not to beat a dead horse, which I guess I'm doing, but they've lost the last three games by a combined total of 91 points. I don't care if they're playing the Showtime Lakers, that shouldn't happen and someone has to pay a price for it. No more excuses.