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  • Are you a believer in this...

    In the Daily Trojan article today regarding the loss to the rivals, Coach "Trakh acknowledged that his team struggled to find their rhythm the last few games and was optimistic that they will regain it going into the tournament.

    “They (ucla) played very well,” Trakh said. “We’ve kind of lost our stride these last three games. I just think we’ll regain it before the Pac-12 tournament. I think we’ve been trying to wait on a lot of people coming back from injuries. We just gotta find our stride. We will be fine.”

    Of course a coach has to be optimistic, but are you a believer in what he says? Will we be fine? Your thoughts please...

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    Nice guy who's in over his head. USC will never be a factor in the PAC 12, let alone nationally, until he's gone. Whether the administration cares, who knows. My guess, not so much.


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      I am pretty much aligned with your views here. Let's see what Bohn does after the season, which I doubt will go past the next game with ASU, as Stanford is not a good matchup for us unless we go crazy from the 3pt line.

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    Again, I think Trakh is a strong recruiter. If he was someone's assistant, I think it would be a great way to build community on the team. But at the head coach position, it doesn't seem like a great fit for a storied program like this one. If you had asked me a month ago when USC had beat WSU in Pullman if the team could make a run in the tournament, i would have definitely predicted some upsets coming. But, now, I don't see it likely making it past the first round of competition. It's such a bummer. Trakh is a good coach and I do think he shouldn't have been let go when he was during the first stint, but where USC is and where the other Pac-12 schools are now (Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, for example), this isn't the place USC should be anymore.


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      On a side note, Rogers made the All Pac-12 Team and Pili and Sanders received honorable mentions. Oliver was an All Freshman honorable mention.


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        Thanks for posting the tweet about the all Pac12 performers. Here is the full story from the official site.


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          The all-conference selections are indicative that there is talent on this squad, not quite on a par with some of the other conference teams, but certainly not a team that should get destroyed in three straight games. I haven't checked, but I'm sure this is the worse three game stretch in USC women's basketball history. I can't imagine what the women who built this program must be thinking at this point.