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WOT beat ASU, move on to quarterfinals

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  • WOT beat ASU, move on to quarterfinals

    The final score was 71-65, but that wouldn't characterize the game very well. The WOT had a strong first half (leading by as many as 21 early in the second) and a solid 3rd quarter. ASU was able to claw back in the 4th, but the hole was too deep for them to bounce back.

    At this point, USC is slated to play against the no. 1 seed... Stanford. Let's see how that goes. Fight On!

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    We’ll take it !
    Survive and advance !
    GO SC !


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      That was probably the best first 3 quarters that the WOT have played this season! Then they did everything in their power to squander away the 15-pt lead they held going into the 4th qtr, but held on to win by 6.

      First the positives - this team came out with energy and a sense of purpose and shot at a 70% clip for much of the first half and finishing the game at 65%. They had 4 players in double digits, led by Jordyn Jenkins' career best 18 pts. Jordan Sanders was 6-7 on her shots, including 2-2 from 3-pt area and had a team high 5 steals, which really played big in the run the team made in the first half. She is a player! Endya had an efficient game going 8-10 from the field and was 2-3 from 3-pt land, which contributed to a 50% (7-14) team effort from long range, led by Alyson Miura's three 3's . Endya had a noteworthy 11 assists and this was characteristic of the team's performance today, they shared the basketball. There were only a few ill-advised shots this game and they possessed the ball well, not really getting most of their 15 turnovers until down the stretch. Pili was the dominant force we had come to expect after last season, but is still physically behind due to that early season ankle injury. All in all it was a great offensive performance by the Trojans.

      Now the negatives - The Trojans gave up a whopping 20 offensive rebounds, while grabbing only 1 themselves! ASU outrebounded the WOT 36-23, this will kill them against Stanford. Desiree played 26 minutes without scoring a point and had 3 turnovers to only 1 assist. She is not good at bringing the ball up against the press and I kept yelling at the TV for Trakh to put Miura back in or Kyra White, who did not play a minute, as she at least can handle the ball and break the press. Maybe White was injured or more likely, her lack of being an offensive threat, caused her to sit while others played. Trakh definitely needs to improve his scheme of breaking the press, it was an adventure today and really shouldn't have been. Lastly, there were too many lazy passes, not a new thing with this team, but unfortunate at crunch time especially.

      The Trojans won this game because their positives, far outweighed their negatives and because they shot lights out! If they can continue to share the ball and play good offense and minimize their negatives, they can hang with Stanford at least for awhile anyway.

      Well I am feeling much better after this game about the team's future, but I agree with the points made about Bohn doing a serious post-season review of the performance of the coaching staff. I also agree that if they are going to make a change, they need to commit the resources for a new coaching staff to be successful. You get what you pay for.

      Fight on! Beat the farm!