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Women's NIT -- Should we accept even if eligible?

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  • Women's NIT -- Should we accept even if eligible?

    We finished the season 11-12, 8-10 in the Pac12. Most of us have probably had enough of this women's basketball season and are looking forward to a potential coaching change, a healthy more, experienced squad, 2 new difference maker incoming freshmen in McDonald's All-Americans Clarice Uche Akunwafo and Rayah Marshall, Shemera Williams (is she really at SC and eligible?), and hopefully a new grad transfer or two. Jordan Sanders has been a good move and she possibly has a free year to come back next season, should she choose to do so. I also would expect some transfer activity out of the program, as that has always been an issue with our program and with the Transfer Portal it is now facilitated.

    This article says that there will be a Women's NIT for 2021 and that selections will be announced March 15th, with the tournament occurring March 17- April 3. I am not sure if we would even meet the minimum standards to go, given our losing record, but we did somehow win 8 games in a tough conference. If we are invited, should we accept for the opportunity to have more practice time and more games? Or should we call it a season and regroup for next year? We have turned down the NIT in the past, due to lack of interest from fans and the cost of staging games, however, there are no fans to worry about in this covid environment and the tournament may be in a bubble, so that may not play a factor. So do you think the team even wants to play? What will Mike Bohn do? What should he do if invited? I am interested to hear from everyone on this.

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    Yes, definitely. The players deserve to continue playing. Coaching issues and injuries aside, it's unfair to regularly reject the WNIT bid when the players themselves want to keep playing. If the men's team can accept their NIT bid, the women's team must be allowed to do the same. The players were upset during Trakh's first year in his second stint. They had a good season that year and just barely missed the NCAA tournament, but they didn't accept the bid. The players took to twitter to express their frustration. That's simply unfair. So, yes, take the bid. My understanding is that the WNIT will take teams that are below .500. The year UCLA won the WNIT, they went into it fairly below .500.


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      Additional info on the WNIT, while we await the issuance and acceptance/rejection of invitations: There is a format change this year due to Covid-19. The field of teams was halved from 64 to 32. Games will not be held on-campus, instead there will be regional sites. Each conference is not guaranteed an automatic bid as they have in the past. Teams will also not be required to have at least a .500 record (as was pointed out by vazquetzal above).